How does it work?
The process is very simple. You purchase your bucket. Then pick out the one you like best. We provide, free of charge, all the necessary equipment: Shovel, Sifter Screen, a bag to store any gems you find. Additionally, we have a friendly knowledgeable staff ready to guide you through the mining process and answer any questions you may have.
Where are the stones from?
Our goal has always been to “bring the world” into the hands of our valued customers. Our stones come from all over the world; from the United States to Morocco South America to India and more!
Are we guaranteed to find something?
Its so important to us that our customers walk away happy. So YES! we guarantee you find a stone or we will give you another bucket FREE!
Are the rocks local?
We always try to acquire local stones when we can. However, the limited availability and regulations on mining can make it difficult. Additionally, the most common stones found locally are Rubies, Garnet, Emerald, Granite and Mica. We have over 40 types of gemstones that can be found in our gem mine including Rubies, Garnet & Emerald.
How Much?
Our buckets begin at $9.00 for a full list of our buckets and pricing visit our flume mine page.
Do you get to keep the stones?
ABSOLUTELY! you get to keep whatever you find!
What stones are in the buckets?
Each bucket is contains random amounts and types of stones. We will provide you with a gem chart that lists a majority of the stones that can be found in our Mine. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you identify your gem finds.
How much are my stones worth?
The market is constantly changing and there is so many factors that go into pricing gemstones. Clarity, Inclusions. Depth, Color… the list goes on and on. Therefore, we leave the pricing to the industry experts. It is the very reason we do not buy stones back. Instead, we like to think that the stones you find are priceless when it comes to the cherished memories attached to finding them with your friends and family.
Why do people have “Gem Mines” in this area?
Did you know that North Carolina was #1 in Mining for many years? Even today, NC is still a leader in the industry. Rutherford County played a very important role in the NC Gold Rush in the early 1800’s. So its important to remember this “rich” part of our heritage.
How long does it take?
Some people take 10 minutes others hours. This depends on you and the size of the bucket you choose.
Can I share my bucket?
You most certainly can. We have found that the best buckets for sharing (especially among youngsters) are our larger buckets. Our Family bucket is one of the best for sharing.
How do you know what I found?
Our staff understands the importance of gemstone education. We provide all of our staff with extensive, trusted materials, including identification from our gemstone dealer, in their training.
Is the bucket Salted?
We are proud to say that our Buckets are 100% Salt Free!
Are you open year round?
363 Days of the year to be exact!